“We are grateful to the evangelism team that shared their time with our son. He felt welcomed and made a couple of friends. Once again thank you”.
– Mr. & Mrs. Miller, Bronx, NY

“The activities that Kingdom Kids provide has taught many things to my kids. Therefore, the program is fantastic with great ideas and lots of creative things to do for the children. We are so happy with the program because it has given our children opportunities to learn and grow in a healthy way!”
– Evelyn Gabriel, Bronx, NY

“First, I would like to thank everyone in the program. I think it is a great program. It is a great opportunity for the kids in the community. We love it. May the Lord continue to bless you”.
– Michelle Soto, Bronx, NY

“I feel that the Kingdom Kids program is a very good program for the kids to come and not only learn and praise God, but also to learn various things and activities that are a part of life. Very good program and my daughter will attend the next session”.
– Luis Torres, Bronx, NY

“I know it’s a blessing that Kingdom Kids exists. It is an important outlet to have children in a setting that gives them knowledge of who Jesus is. It reinforces what my children know about Jesus. Ever since my four children attended the program they draw, draw, draw and draw. They are very confident in so many areas. My children have been in craft, clay and comic class and they love it, although the boys don’t always want to get up in the morning. I highly recommend Kingdom Kids as a program for any parent/child to explore and it is a great option for your Saturday morning”.

– Dina Winter-Robinson, Bronx, NY

“My opinion is that Kingdom Kids is a great program. Ashlee Espinoza looks forward to coming every Saturday. Ashlee even wakes me up early Saturday morning and rushes me. She has been attending Kingdom Kids for three years now and she wishes to continue for many years to come. Ashlee has also made great friends. Thank you Kingdom Kids”.
– Lisseth Espinosa, Bronx, NY

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